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Mentoring Program for RPCVs and Applicants

The SEMiRPCV Mentoring Program provides newly returned PCVs with RPCV mentors who are available to assist in a variety of areas. It also offers RPCV mentoring for Peace Corps applicants as they go through the process between application and departure for Peace Corps service. In addition, those who are considering applying to the Peace Corps are welcome to request mentors.

RPCVs Within One Year of Close of Service: If you have completed your Peace Corps service within the past 12 months, you may apply to be paired with an RPCV mentor. Mentors offer many services, including listening to stories and sharing experiences; helping ease the transition back to the U.S.; providing information about the local community; brainstorming career and graduate school possibilities; providing contacts with people in various professions; editing resumes and applications; offering introductions to other local RPCVs; involving mentees in SEMiRPCV and its activities, and much more, depending on the needs and wishes of mentees. Any RPCV who has completed service within one year is eligible to be a mentee. Go to and fill out a mentee application. Your application will be forwarded to SEMiRPCV.

Applicants and Those Who Are Considering Applying: RPCV mentors are paired with applicants and other interested individuals to assist as they go through the application process or consider applying. Applicants and those considering applying to the Peace Corps have a variety of concerns, and mentors meet with them, stay in contact by phone or email, help them understand the process, and answer questions about life and work in host countries. Contact the program through the box below.

To Mentor RPCVs: To become a mentor of recently returned PCVs, you must have completed your service at least one year before filing an application. To do so, go to and fill out a mentor application. Your application will be forwarded to SEMiRPCV.

For Information on Peace Corps Mentoring, Contact Jeanne Paul by Email,
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